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Michael Bisping: Israel Adesanya is ‘the best striker in the UFC’

Michael Bisping confirms Israel Adesanya as ‘the best striker in the UFC’

“Okay, so I have a LAN connection, I turn my Wi-Fi off so I have the best connection possible,” he said. “I heard like every fourth word there buddy. Come on man, this is terrible.”

Alongside being known for his exceptional fighting prowess, the winner of the UFC’s hit reality show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ is also a master of wit. One journalist bore the brunt of this earlier in the week when he wrestled with a dodgy Wi-Fi connection during a virtual Zoom news conference call with ‘The Count’. 

Fortunately for him, Bisping appeared to be in a rather good mood, as he proceeded to poke fun at the poor unfortunate soul with a series of well-timed jibes.

In another quip aimed at the unnamed individual, he added: “Between the fire alarms and the no Wi-Fi, this has been great!” 

Speaking from his home in Anaheim, California, Bisping sat down in front of the press via a video link to preview tomorrow’s clash between Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori and suggested ‘The Last Stylebender’ still has some room for improvement. 

Adesanya, like Michael Bisping, became the UFC middleweight champion when he beat New Zealand-born Australian Robert Whittaker in front of a hostile Melbourne crowd. 

But the 42-year-old believes tomorrow’s fight won’t be an easy contest and Adesanya will have to have his wits about him. 

Asked to share his thoughts on the bad blood between Adesanya and Vettori, Bisping exclusively told GIVEMESPORT: “Listen, they don’t like each other. It’s not fabricated. It’s not manufactured. They’re not trying to sell fights. They just don’t like each other.

“Right? I mean, listen, I like Marvin Vettori a lot, but it’s hard to call him a winner when he was wearing that outfit! I’m joking guys, I’m joking.

“I don’t know, I thought they both had some good lines, they were both very confident, you know, and yeah, it’s gonna [sic] be an interesting fight, I can’t wait.

“I’m a massive fan of Israel Adesanya and I’ve got so much respect for him and the things he’s done in the career he’s had. He is unreal. But he did show a lack of ability on the ground against Jan Blachowicz.

“Obviously Blachowicz is very good, he’s big, he’s strong, but when he got on top, Adesanya didn’t really have much to offer there to be honest. He needs to improve in that area.

“But hey, that’s mixed martial arts, you know, you’re always looking to improve, and he’s probably the best striker in the whole of the UFC.”

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